Andrew Defries
Andrew is another of the lab's wacky Canadians (they're everywhere). After receiving a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto in 2006, Andrew moved to Riverside to pursue graduate work under Sean's supervision. During a brief stint as a tech in the lab, Andrew worked on the LATCA project annotating and characterizing its compounds. During this time he participated in multiple Biomek training courses and is the lab's leading robot guy. He even has a blog about his adventures taming the Biomek.
Andrew joined UCR as a Ph.D. student and IGERT fellow in the fall of 2007. Andrew's thesis work currently has two aspects. On the ABA signal transduction project, he has conducted screens for new compounds that interact with different members of a new family of candidate ABA receptor proteins (the PYR/PYLs). These new small molecules will be used to dissect the roles of the various family members. His second area of focus is on the lab's glycoactivation project. The lab recently discovered a novel route of pro-drug activation via enzyme mediated glucosylation. Andrew is using high-throughput screening methods to search for other glycoactivated molecules. By characterizing several glycoactivated molecules, Andrew aims to build a deeper understanding of the implications of glucosylation on target site interactions.

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