Graduate training opportunities in the Cutler lab

The lab is currently looking for both graduate students and post-docs. Graduate students interested in the Cutler lab should consider the UCR IGERT fellowship program in plant chemical genomics. In addition to course work and group dynamics designed to promote interdisciplinary learning, IGERT fellowships are NSF funded and include additional benefits above a standard admissions package including stipend supplements, research funds, travel allowances and internship opportunities.
Most thesis projects in the lab involve the discovery and characterization of new small molecules that affect plant growth. Projects often span a wide breadth of terrain, from genetics, biochemistry and cell biology to organic chemistry. Although knowledge of organic chemistry (particularly synthetic / analytical) is beneficial for students in the lab, it is not a prerequisite for success and productivity in the lab and the relevant background can be picked up over time. Additionally, UCR's impressive infrastructure and talented Academic Coordinators ensure that a wide array of technical expertise is always available to students to help them realize their research goals. Students with an interest or background in chemistry are encouraged to apply to the UCR chemistry graduate program and students with a background or interest in cell biology / genetics can apply to either UCR's Plant Biology graduate program or its Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics graduate program.

Contact Sean if you are interested in a position or research in the lab.

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