Simon Alfred
Simon is a Canadian, born and raised in Toronto. He completed his B. Sc. at the University of Toronto and joined the Cutler lab in 2003 as a U. of T. Ph.D. student in what is now the Department of Cell and Systems Biology. His research is focused on understanding how organelles maintain shape and structure. A small molecule approach was used to identify probes of organelle morphology and function using the lab's LATCA library in a series of microscopy based screens. He identified a number of perturbagens of the ER, Golgi apparatus, actin and microtuble cytoskelton, peroxisomes and cytokinesis. He is currently using a genetic approach to identify the target(s) of Eroonazole, a new inhibitor of ER structure. Sadly, Simon had to temporarily leave the Canadian winter behind while finishing his thesis work in sunny Southern California.

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