Smoking Disclaimer

The images of lab members smoking delicious Romeo y Julieta cigarillos were captured during a recent "Cutler Lab Smoke Out" organized to celebrate karyotyping and ultrasound results that indicate the impending arrival of an XY, 46 chromosome child. Despite appearances, smoking is not fun. Smoking is very bad for your health, particularly when practiced near volatile solvents. Non-smoking lab members are invited to smoke outs and are provided with unlit novelty cigars. Cigars for "Cutler Lab Smoke Outs" are generous donations from the humidor of Paul Cutler, MD.

Update: Maxwell Finnegan Cutler-Long was born November 25, 2008. He is healthy, cute and unbelievably happy (unlike either of his parents).

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Anonymous said...

It is a good thing I was unaware of the name you placed on your xy , as it may have altered the chosen name for our xy. As to the inference that Maxwell's parents are unbelievably unhappy, I find that hard to believe.