Blogging your lab?

Welcome to the Cutler lab blog. Yes, a blog. I know, a bit odd and unconventional for a lab's web face, yet I am kind of growing attached to it. There are a number of reasons I chose to blog the lab. No, it's not because the lab is so poor that we can't afford a server- the funding milieu is not that bad. The reasons are quite simple: ease of posting new content, ease of maintenance and most importantly- interactivity (there are a few others too...). I am very much attracted to the idea of a continuously growing structure fed by a wider group of interested individuals, which makes blogs so much more organic than the conventional website. Yes, I do realize that comments are currently a whopping total of 0. So, if the organic thing I'm envisioning never happens, then I guess I'll just have a plain old web site hosted by google with annoying " O COMMENTS:" tags at the bottom.

If you are looking for the lab's main areas of interest at the moment, we have been focusing our efforts on: a new family of candidate ABA receptor proteins, a large target identification project, and LATCA, which is a library of small molecule perturbagens that we share with other labs for their chemical genomics initiatives. Visit the links under the "PROJECTS" and "RESOURCES" headings.


TX said...

This is such a wonderful lab webpage that I have never seen before.I am very enjoy your work on plant chemical genetics, although my background is mode of actions of antifungal natural products (Sc as model).

I believe I will go through this pape whenever I have a chance.

Paramita said...

It was really cool to see such a hot blog in science!!!! Rock on fokes!!