Pubmouth is a common genetic disorder that I, here for the first time, will admit to suffering from. Those who have known me long enough will not be surprised by this admission. One common struggle of pubmouthers is that they can be quite tiring to those nearby. The pubmouth allele apparently serves some adaptive value, but I am still trying to sort this out. A major symptom of pubmouth is the uncontrolled spewing of partially formed philosophical ideas, systems or epistemologies on to anyone within earshot of your 3rd to 10th pint. I took a brave step recently. With some help from the New York Times, I showcased my particularly glorious (vainglorious?) case of pubmouth disease on John Tierney's blog. I would love to continue the discussion, after I get back from The Getaway, the closest pub. Pubmouther scientists: post here. Tell me why I am wrong, I love hearing that.

Pubmouth status update, May 13 2009: A discussion with my colleague, friend, ethicist and big brain, Coleen Macnamara, helped my hone my argument and facilitate a second round at Tierney lab. My next goal- to get him to post the modestly titled "Sean Cutler's Miraculous 3 Button Solution To All Of The World's Problems", which I believe will solve science's ethical problems and more!

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Kayla A. Kaiser said...

Skimming through the responses on Tierney's blog right now. There are definitely some passionate people out there. I wouldn't be so quick to blame Pubmouth as the affliction. Sometimes it's good to hear a scientist speak their mind.