Yup- it was inevitable, and I knew that ;-) What fun!

Finally, the word is out that I am a crackpot! What took so long?

Some great quotes for the back of my next book, titled "I Am A Crackpot And So Can You":

"Cutler sounds like a crackpot to me" physioprof@gmail.com

"This kind of breathless obsession with collaboration-cum-politics makes me want to barf. It's like TMZ for science geeks." Luigi

"You have to wonder how thick/naive/silly as Cutler ever got a Ph.D. (even in biology), much less a faculty position." SRC
[Agreed- My committee at Stanford was very easily fooled!]

Sean Cutler’s report of his “little experiment” is junk science and the gullible reporter believed it without performing a simple fact check." Robert

"I’m going to gag on all this fuzzy talk about cooperation." Patricia

"This is news? ... Where has Dr. Cutler been? Up in an ivory tower?" anonymous Grad student [Can't resist an honest answer here: YES!!! I do live in an ivory tower. It is quite beautiful and I recently had my tower gold plated using my daddy's trust fund money. Awesome view!!! Peace out- Sean]

"Congratulations to Dr. Cutler for getting recognition for convincing others to collaborate with him. " Lilia
[Lilia- I agree, can you believe I pulled this off? Thanks for the recognition. Rock on! -- Sean]

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Anonymous said...

The work on PYR1 is really nice.

Do anything with chemistry and a living organism and you're bound for insults.
I think you're fine as long as your chair doesn't think you're a junk-filled crackpot.
I can tell you _that_ is not fun.